Podcast: Episode 4

with Steven Mendel, CEO & Co-Founder of Bought by Many. Focus for Success.

In episode 4 of Talent Equals, we talk to Steven Mendel.

n episode 4 of the Talent Equals series, I am joined by the fantastic Steven Mendel, who is the CEO and Co-Founder of Bought by Many, a company which has gone from strength to strength since focusing on pet insurance.

Steven was not only a joyful person to speak with but also incredibly insightful when it comes to focusing your business model. His love of books also is a great thing to witness.

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Not just another insurance podcast.

There are many fine insurance and Insurtech podcasts in the market, several of which I’ve had the pleasure of joining as guest.

William Laitinen is an insurance fan/advocate and is not immersed in one insurance role or another so as podcast host he was able to bring a unique and broad-based business perspective to our discussion. The wonder of editing to tamp down my wordiness really made the session top notch.

Patrick Kelahan - H2M Architects and Engineers

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