S.3. Ep.3. Buckle Up: Ubersurance & the Gig Economy – Dustin Walsey

S.3. Ep.2. How the world’s leading reinsurer uses values to support strategy – James Hartley

S.3. Ep.1. Tania Luna – The Leader Lab

Ep.6 David Katz, CEO & Founder of Plastic Bank. Changing the Story of Plastic.

Ep.5 Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg, Author of “What’s Your Problem?”

Ep.4 Steven Mendel, CEO & Co-Founder of Bought by Many. Focus for Success.

Ep.3 Lisa Lahey, Co-Author of “Immunity to Change”. Adaptive versus Technical Challenges.

Ep.2 Andrew Engler, Co-founder and CEO of Kettle. Using Machine Learning to Predict Wildfire

Ep.1 Sheila Heen, 2 times NY Times Best Selling Co-Author – Thanks for the Feedback

Ep.13 Andy Rear, founder of Munich Re’s Digital Partners. The skills you don’t have.

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